The Best Of Faces – Good Boys… When They’re Asleep

The Faces are an English rock band formed in 1969 by members of the Small Faces after lead singer/guitarist Steve Marriott left that group to form Humble Pie. The remaining Small Faces悠an McLagan (keyboards), Ronnie Lane (bass), and Kenney Jones (drums and percussion)謡ere joined by Ronnie Wood (guitar) and Rod Stewart (lead vocals), both from the Jeff Beck Group, and the new line-up was renamed the Faces. From 1969 to 1975 the Faces worked in the lucrative shadow of Stewart’s solo career. Loose and boozy onstage and good-timey on record, the Faces made several arena-circuit U.S. tours playing material from Stewart’s solo albums as well as the hits he sang with the group: “Stay with Me” (Number 17, 1971) and “Cindy Incidentally” (Number 48, 1973). In 1973, original Small Face Ronnie Lane quit and was replaced by ex-Free bassist Tetsu Yamauchi. Lane then started a traveling rock circus, complete with jugglers and fire eaters, called the Passing Show, and recorded four albums with Slim Chance; he also made Rough Mix with Pete Townshend of the Who in 1997. In the late Seventies Lane was debilitated by multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, the Faces were slowly dissolving. Wood officially joined the Rolling Stones in 1976 (after having played on their 1975 tour), and McLagan regularly participated in Stones tours and such projects as the New Barbarians; he also records solo albums and has become a sought-after session hand. Jones, who reunited with the original Small Faces in 1977-78, replaced Keith Moon in the Who in 1978.

Compiled primarily by group keyboardist Ian McLagan, it served to supersede the 1976 effort Snakes And Ladders / The Best of Faces, and to present a CD-length retrospective of the group, lasting nearly eighty minutes. Again dominated by Rod Stewart, who sings fifteen of nineteen lead vocals, the set presents three tracks sung by Ronnie Lane, and the singing debut of Ronnie Wood, “Ooh La La”. Included for the first time is one track from the Faces’ final session, “Open To Ideas”.



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